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Making sweet music*

* This is our agency song. It isn't very long.




Visual identity

A Montreal-based company, Triotech produces multi-sensory interactive rides for attraction parks and amusement centers in the entire world.  

Everything, from the scripting to the realization of ride infrastructure, is built from scratch within the walls of the warehouse in the MIle-EX and the factory in Joliette. Owners of state of the art technologies and prestigious licenses such as The Walking Dead, Triotech creates experiences the public won't soon forget. 

Akufen won the mandate of the website redesign for this company in full expansion, as well as its logo. 

  • Triotech
  • Triotech

Design and interactive development

The redesign began with establishing a content strategy setting the new editorial tone the company. To truly differentiate from the universe of video games and technologies, we put forth the company's culture and values, the diversity of their products, and we incited the top talent to join the team. 

The homepage features a video player illustrating Triotech's two face. Using their moto "Creators of Fun" as a starting point, one video displays the team at work, while the other shows the final product, all with the click of your mouse. This interaction demonstrates the close link between the team's skills and the creation of amazing experiences. 

The site was constructed entirely using AJAX making the website an interactive experience that uses 3D on different navigation elements creating a fluid navigation style. Additionally, throughout the website, video was used to put projects on display in a quick glance. 

The site was created to be lived as an attraction, bombarding the user with images, videos, and interactions all throughout the ride. 

Coup de coeur francophone 2017 Pointe Nord